Comfort & Fit

Our Slim Fit

Perfect sleeve length, ample chest room with slight tapering.  It's the fit like no other.


What makes our shirts special?

Great Fabrics

Details Matter

Our pre-shrunk cotton fabrics are hand selected from trusted sources.  Every button, thread, and trim is what makes our shirts great. 

Long-Lasting Prints

Our print collection is not only bold but will also stay vibrant after many washes to come.  We tested it!

Details that Matter

Our playful details will make you smile.  Simplicity with a little bit of playfulness is in our DNA. 

Durable Fabrics

Our fabrics stand through washes and moderate heat in a dryer.  Read our Care Section

Limited Quantity

All Small-Run Production

We only make what is worth adding to your closet. It's fewer, but better.