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It's Shirt Time!

High Quality Plaid with Yellow accent

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Coffee Bots Stretch Shirt

SF Inspired Design

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Coffee + Robots

SF shirt is born.

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Our Customers Say

I love these shirts. They fit better than any button-down shirt I've ever owned. I bought three shirts and plan on buying many more.

Charles Buhler

YES! I got my shirt and I love it! It fits great and the cotton is amazing. Thanks so much for crafting such fine gear!

Molly L.

Thank you for dressing me in this amazing shirt! I really love it, and it's so comfortable to wear! The rest of the designs are amazing too! I can't wait to buy more!

Scott Nevins

The only shirt that fits me! 

Silvio Brugada

I've always had trouble finding clothes my size, especially ones with a little style.  Not only do these shirts fit me in a flattering way, they have a subtle flair that make me feel stylish!

Irena Kuo