Shirt Care Guide

Taking good care of your button-down shirts is important to ensure fabric crispness and shape. Our Care Guide will help you properly maintain your shirts so you’ll continue looking sharp in your shirts.


  • Undo all the buttons before you wash your shirt. 
  • Pre-treat stain with stain remover by soaking the fabric for about 15-20 minutes prior to machine washing.
  • Wash your shirts in cold water using the delicate cycle on your washing machine.  Wash with warm water when dealing with stains.  Be aware that warm water could cause colors to fade if done too frequently. 


  • Hang the shirt to dry on a plastic hanger. (Recommended) 
  • To maintain the shirt’s shape, button the top two buttons when hung to dry.
  • To save time on ironing, put the shirt in the dryer on Hand Iron mode or equivalent. The longer you leave your shirt in a dryer, the more likely it could shrink, we recommend 10 minutes max. 


Our Cotton-based shirts typically withstand higher heat than synthetic fibers like polyester.  Shirts should be slightly moist for best results. 

  • Work in this order:  Collar - Cuff - Front of the shirt - Back of the shirt - Sleeves.
  • Rule of Thumb: Always spray the area first before ironing and avoid ironing over any buttons.   


When hung in your closet, shirts should be fully buttoned.  Store shirts you don't wear often in a breathable cotton garment bag.  

Happy Caring from Cotton the First

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