How to Roll your Sleeves

Roll roll roll your sleeves. 
Gently down the seams. 
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily. 
Rolling is but a dream…

Never thought there's an art to rolling your shirt's sleeves? Of course there is and we will show you three different ways. Let's start from the basic to the most stylish.


The basic roll will keep the fabric from hitting the elbow when you bend your arm and allow more mobility for any heavy-lifting. Here's how:
1. Fold over your cuff only.
2. Keep rolling over a few times until the roll is above the elbow.

Look for some Solid Shirts like the All Blue Pitch Shirt and you are ready to get working.  


This is the most casual with the least folding. Easiest to unroll.
1. Fold over your cuff
2. Roll over once or twice and you are done.

Below we use 100% Softness in Brushed Black shirt as example.


We create many of your shirts with contrast inner cuff because we want you to show it off and here's how:
1. Fold over the cuff with a few more inches of fabric (just enough to do another roll with it) 
2. Roll that extra fabric right over the cuff, securing the cuff in place.

These shirts with contrasting cuffs are ready for you to master your rolls!
The Textured Navy Shirt
The Textured Grey Shirt
The Cool Chambray in Deep Blue
The Cool Chambray in Light Grey
The Carefree Canines Shirt
The Fearless Felines Shirt
Our Flannel Collection

Until next time. Stay Stylish.




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