From deep down in your laundry pile, it's your mask.

Has it been a while?
What's that smell?
How do I look?
What time is it?

So many questions - but so glad to see you! 

My maker and designer Charles taught me a couple tips and tricks. Through his fun illustrations, I will share with you how to get me back in service - looking as good as new. 

Three Easy Steps - Wash, Dry, and Iron Me.

1. Wash me

Wash your face mask

Even though I was lined with dark fabric, your perspiration, sunscreen, and makeup can still stain around the edges. To get rid of the stains, let's do the following: Take a wash basin, fill with warm water, and handwash me with soap or mild detergent. If you do laundry often, you can also machine-wash me along with your other clothes.

2. Dry me

There are two methods - Air Dry or Tumble Dry. For air drying, you can choose several positions; hang dry, or lay flat to dry, or prop up to dry. If you leave me out overnight, I should be dry by the next morning after a good and relaxing sleep. The other method is to tumble dry in the dryer. I am ok with that too but it's going to be quite a ride.

3. Iron me

Iron your face mask

This step is icing on the cake, but it makes the biggest difference. You can steam iron each side for 15-30 seconds, don't iron the elastic bands because it will burn - and I love my arms and legs! Ironing will guarantee that I am worth the display on your beautiful face. 

Lastly, I really love it when you match my color with the color of your overall outfit like your shirt, dress, or shoes. Or you can match the color to your hair or skin tone. I know Charles personally likes a dark and warm colored mask since he has a darker hair and a warmer skin undertone. Or last resort: choose neutral because it goes with anything.

After my sedentary life in a pile of laundry, I'm glad to be up and running. So let's go places, we all need joy and each other. :)

With Love,
Your Mask

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