Truly Local - Made by Charles

Did you grab your favorite drinks and watch the above video of how your shirts came to life? 
Please say yes - because today I want to welcome you into my San Francisco studio where the magic happens. 😀

Since September, I have been busy working on these 40 shirts for the very special people like you - and get this - you will be the only ones with these shirts. It’s the first made-to-order collection and it won’t be the last.

For these 40 shirts and my nimble self, it represents a big leap in my business - an adventure to make these shirts locally took me down the road of sourcing raw materials and vendors locally. Many challenges came up during the process, the most notable showstopper was when a local fabric printer canceled last minute due to their limited capability to work on fine detailed print. Luckily, I have some background in screenprinting from my college days so I decided to move forward with printing this Tetris print myself and never looked back. 

80 yards of fabrics later, 40 shirts have been made - ready by Christmas as promised. It’s a truly local effort that sets a strong foundation towards a sustainable future of Cotton the First and the Planet Earth. 

Thank you for your continued support and trust. 

Happy Holidays!

Charles, Founder and Designer of Cotton the First 

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