3 Stylish Ways to Wear Short Sleeve Shirts

Since we are based in San Francisco, where the climate seems to have the mind of its own. While a typical Summer day can start off foggy, we can usually feel the sun in the early afternoon. Although you can never judge a book by its cover, because a sunny day usually comes with a chilly wind. If you live in a more temperate climate, you can certainly wear your favorite short sleeve shirt by itself. Otherwise here're some tips on how to bring out the best of your short sleeve shirts this Summer.

How to wear short sleeve shirts
1. Wear it with a vest: this approach is by far my favorite for a summer picnic where you are likely to be outdoor most of the day. Since you can still get some heat from the sun, I'm not as worried about getting too cold. The vest still shows off the cool pattern of your short sleeve shirt as well as keeps yourself shielded from the wind, you get the best of both world.

2. Wear it with a blazer: if there's a possibility that you might be staying out late for a cocktail party afterward. You are covered since you have a blazer with you. Bring a light-weight version if the day is hotter, none of your friends would know that you are wearing a short-sleeve shirt underneath the blazer.  

3. Wear it with a hoodie or layer your vest or blazer over your hoodie: this casual way of layering gives a nice feeling of comfort and warmth. It's the ultimate way to combat the wind and the colder temperature at night.

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